Enjoying a Spring Break Getaway with Your Parent

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The chill of winter is finally over and the fresh new season of spring is here. For many people this means their minds are turning to thoughts of vacations. Getting away for even a few days during the spring months is a great way to shake off the long, cold winter and start enjoying more time outside after months of having to spend most of your days inside. This is also a fantastic Home-Care-in-Glendale-COopportunity for you to make some lasting memories with your parent, and for your children to spend quality time with their grandparent.


As with anything else in your home care journey with your elderly parent, if you want to take a spring break getaway with your senior you need to take the time to plan carefully. Planning and preparation will help ensure that everyone enjoys the trip while staying safe, healthy, and comfortable.

Use these tips to help you enjoy a spring break getaway with your elderly parent:

  • Choose your destination carefully. Spring break might bring to mind thoughts of beaches and theme parks, but this is what everyone else is thinking as well. This means that you might want to get more creative with your spring break destination to avoid the huge crowds and high prices of more popular destinations. Even if you are not traveling during the traditional “spring break” weeks, spring is a common time for travel, making these spots busy for the next several weeks. Consider making your spring break time to visit historical sites, go to caverns, or head up to the mountains. This will give you a more relaxing trip and cut down on your costs as well.
  • Approach tourist spots carefully. If your family insists on going to one of the more popular spring vacation destinations you will need even more advanced preparation. Plan for alternative activities in case the primary activities become too busy, and be ready to spend extra time in crowds. Remember that the common spring break times for children are over, but some families choose to take trips outside of these weeks in an attempt to avoid crowds. This can in turn make these areas busier and with more children. Talk about this ahead of time so that everyone is ready to handle these challenges.
  • Choose the right hotel. Consider your hotel accommodations in detail so that you can select the one that is right for your family. You may wish to choose a hotel that has suites so that you can all stay together in one room, or at adjoining rooms that will give you all your own space but also enable you to quickly and easily get to one another. Compare other details such as handicap accessibility, proximity to your chosen activities, and availability of convenient food.
  • Pack effectively. When packing, make sure that you take into consideration the potentially shifting weather that is common during spring. Bring along layers and clothing that can handle windy, rainy weather. Make sure that you also bring along whatever medications your parent takes as well as original prescriptions in case there is need for a refill.

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