Decorating Easter Eggs without Dye

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Celebrating Easter in all of the traditional ways, including decorating and displaying beautiful Easter eggs, does not have to be something that you have to give up now that you are on a senior careSenior-Care-in-Glendale-CO journey with your elderly loved one. In fact, this is an exceptional way for you to spend quality time with your parent and create cherished new memories while also triggering her memory centers and strengthening her cognitive processing and critical thinking skills. Having fun decorating eggs is something that your loved one can do with you, with her senior health care services provider, or even with your children for extra multigenerational care benefits, allowing them to have fun together while making memories that you will carry with you even after your senior care journey comes to an end.

For many people, the thought of decorating Easter eggs means the overwhelming smell of vinegar, messy food coloring, and those copper dipping wands that never seem to actually work. This does not have to be the case, however. Getting creative with how you decorate eggs can be a fantastic way to get your parent’s mind working, encourage her to express her individuality, imagination, and creativity, and create a huge variety of decorative eggs without the mess, smell, or frustration.


Let these ideas inspire you for ways that you can decorate Easter eggs without having to use traditional dye:

  • Narrow tape. Decorative tape has become a major trend in the crafting world, and these little rolls of brightly colored and patterned adhesive are perfect for making your Easter eggs pop. Try wrapping the eggs in a layer of the tape for all-over pattern, cutting strips and making lines, or layering small squares to create an argyle effect.
  • Markers. Permanent markers come in a huge array of shades these days, and with metallic, glitter, and even pastel options, these are idea for coloring your eggs without the fuss and mess of dye. Make sure the eggs are completely dry before trying to decorate, however, as dampness will cause the ink to run.
  • Stickers. Stickers are a favorite craft supply for all types of projects, and a fast and easy way to add color and patterns to your eggs. Visit craft or art supply stores to find Easter or nature-inspired stickers, or look for rhinestone or shimmer versions for extra appeal.
  • Glitter pens. If your senior loves sparkle, try glitter pens. These easy to use pens are filled with glitter glue that come out in a thin stream so you can use them to make any type of pattern or design that you want. Just let them dry and enjoy the shimmer.
  • Animals. Turn your eggs into animal friends by cutting out the shapes of features such as large elephant ears, duck beak and feet, or butterfly wings out of construction paper and gluing them to the egg. Add some googly eyes and you have your own menagerie for the dinner table or to use in your egg hunt.


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